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Green Channel for Beijing Bound Trains Carrying Construction Materials Opened


  At 15:00 on June 12 2018, a 50-wagon, 3200-ton train carrying construction materials to Beijing arrived at Beijing Dahongmen Goods Yard, opening the green channel for trains carrying construction materials to Beijing, under the operation of the railway sector and the local government.

  This green channel was opened under the guidance from China Railway Beijing Group Co Ltd, Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport and Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. It is a strategic cooperation framework project under the agreement between Beijing Railway Logistics Co, and Beijing Enterprises Real-Estate Group Limited, aiming at using resources such as main railway line transport and urban railway lines and depots and stations in Beijing for transporting, storing and delivering goods relevant to people’s livelihood such as rice, flour, grain and oil, as well as strategic reserves for the country, such as building materials and petroleum. It is designed to boost the development of the green, smart logistics system for the capital.

  As the channel was opened, the number of such trains operated daily, each carrying over 3000 tons of building materials, is expected to rise from one at the present stage to ten. The trains are expected to transport a total of 30,000 tons of construction materials daily, reducing at least the same amount of air pollution generated by nearly 1000 trucks within Beijng-Tianjin-Hebei Area. In the coming three years, the green channel service will expand to cover the origins of the materials in Chengde, Yixian, Zhangjiakou and other places in Hebei province.

  Given the current demand of Beijing for raw building materials, which amounts to 100m per year, the trains would reduce the same amount of air pollution generated by 3m trucks every year, if they are to carry all the materials needed in the city, and ensure the supply of the materials badly needed by the capital.

  New containerized equipment are used to cut pollution, emission and waste, such as a result of leakage, during the transport and loading and unloading. Also, efficiency has been improved and logistics costs reduced during the process.

  The railway department will have more input on goods yard construction, containerized equipment and new energy source vehicles, make full use of the dedicated railway lines, and use integrated means such as making reasonable layout, unloading without having to go far, cutting delivery distance in the city to maximize the social and economic benefits.

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