Social Responsibility

Railway Department Promotes Afforestation to a New High with Innovative Ideas and Improved Mechanism


  The Green Office of China Railway is making afforestation deployment this year, demanding all units to fulfill the target responsibilities defined in the Outline of the National Afforestation Plan (2016-2020) and press ahead with the implementation of the Railway Afforestation Plan (2011-2020) to promote railway afforestation to a new high.

  The Outline specifies quantitative index of railway’s afforestation assignment during the 13th Five-Year Plan. As required by the China Railway, all group companies shall base on the targets of the Outline and the Plan, reasonably define the sections appropriate to be afforested, make plans according to the greening growth index based on year and route and fulfill the plans to accomplish the 2020 target as scheduled. On one hand, the afforestation shall be introduced into new railway projects at the very start to form standard greening zone upon the completion of the line, and communication with local government and forestry department shall be strengthened to get more support from the local government and to intensify the greening in railway boundary area. On the other, the existing line afforestation shall be continued by highlighting the unplanted sections on afforested belt, new methods and approaches, such as cooperation with social force, outsourcing, etc., shall be explored to create new afforestation management mode, making the existing green belts connected, lush and beautiful. 

  2018 will mark the fifth year for the railway to conduct the afforestation check and file-building. China Railway requires that all units shall continue the afforestation check and filing work on a 5-year base, improve file management system and fulfill file management responsibilities. How to manage the existing afforestation will be a new challenge facing all group companies as railway afforestation area expands. Therefore, a scientific afforestation management system based on digitalization and big data shall be established step by step.

  At the same time, all related units shall strengthen the prevention and control of desertification. Studies on formation mechanism and treatment of existing desertified railways shall be conducted, and scientific plans for prevention and control of desertification shall be made by adhering to the principle of addressing both symptoms and root causes and taking both engineering and biological measures. For new railways, comprehensive treatments shall be explored to prevent and control desertification from the source, and make sure the prevention and control of desertification system is introduced into railway project at the very start to set the stage for later treatment.

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