Social Responsibility

CR Zhengzhou Group Co Ltd Offers Jobs and Training to Reduce Poverty


  “I want to thank the railway department for the establishment of the railway training base, which adds another way for our county to reduce poverty”, Dai Liuchao, the director general of Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of the Luanchuan County said on May 25, when a railway training base of China Railway Zhengzhou Group Co Ltd opened in the county.

  The county is located in the hinterlands of Funiushan Mountain, and it is also a poverty-stricken county designated for CHINA RAILWAY. At present, 12,407 people are still living in poverty in the county, including 6,579 work-age residents, accounting for 53% of all residents living in poverty. There are 2965 unemployed, impoverished work-age people, accounting for 45.4% of all impoverished work-age population. To implement CHINA RAILWAY’s arrangements for poverty alleviation and boost the poverty-fighting efforts in Luanchuan County, early this year, CR Zhengzhou Group Co Ltd surveyed the job market in the county and decided to set up a training base there based on the demand for railway staff. The group will provide quality jobs and job training for the impoverished work-age population through the training base, which currently offer courses in mechanical earthwork operation, car repair, numerical control, welding, among other types of work and specialties. After training, those qualified can work for the group company.

  According to Zhou Shengzhan, the deputy mayor of the county appointed by CHINA RAILWAY, since the beginning of this year, the railway sector has intensified efforts in assisting poverty alleviation in the county, and invested 4.5m yuan in six programs across the county, namely Dawangmiao Village of Tantou Town, Taoyuan Village of Miaozi Town, Machaoying Village of Baitu Town, Cangfang Village of Chongdugou Administrative Committee and Baishugou Village of Sanchuan Town, covering breeding, renovation of rural inns, deep processing of farm products, etc. The ongoing mode of employment plus poverty alleviation will greatly promote the poverty-fighting efforts in the county.

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