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China Railway Wuhan Group Co., Ltd. Helps Tibetan Students Return Home for College Entrance Examination


  The Tibetan teachers and students of the First High School of Suizhou City received their railway tickets from the staff from Suizhou Station of China Railway Xi’an Group Co., Ltd. on May 16. This sweet behavior was unanimously applauded by teachers and students of the school. 

  Hubei Province and Qinghai Province started education cooperation since 2008. Qinghai students can receive education and enjoy quality resources in Hubei and the First High School of Suizhou City is one of the education assistance bases. The school opened dedicated class for Tibetan students, nearly 300 high school students from Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and etc. come to study here every year. This education cooperation has enhanced exchanges and friendship among different ethnic groups. 

  During their visits to the First High School of Suizhou City earlier in May, the staff from Suizhou Station of China Railway Xi’an Group Co., Ltd. learnt that total 124 teachers and students from two Qinghai Tibetan classes need to go back home on May 25 by train for preparation of the college entrance examination. Since there is no through train from Suizhou to Xining, the railway staff worked out the best transfer plan for them after getting the number and time of the returnees, inquiring tickets via and ticket window and making comparison of different plans. The teachers and students will take train K1198 from Suizhou to Hankou, and then make a direct transfer to Z292 from Hankou to Xining without exiting the station; they will depart and arrive during day time, easier for them to take a bus home after their arrival at Xining.

  “We are very grateful, this is so sweet, the kids and I are relieved, we don’t have to worry about our tickets back home, we just focus on preparing the exam”, said Duoji, a Tibetan teacher, after getting the tickets.

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