Social Responsibility

‘Health Express’ Provides Free Examination for the Citizens


  On April 7, with no need to queue for registration in a hospital, the citizens can get free eye examination and advice for the whole day from the eye doctors in the “Health Express” train hospital.
  “Health Express” is a mobile charity train hospital. Since 1997 when it was operated, along the railway line and throughout the year, it has been providing free surgery for the cataract patients all over China. By the end of 2017, 4 “Health Express” trains have provided free surgery for about 200,000 cataract patients in difficulty in 110 stations covering 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China. At 10 a.m. of April 7, on the third “Health Express” train stopping in Beijing Depot, the doctors of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital started to provide free inspection and advisory service to the citizens coming to the train hospital. Meanwhile, the conductor of the “Health Express” and other staff also provided reception to the citizens who came to visit the train hospital. They played the cataract surgery videos and tell their story about working on the train. In just one day, the “Health Express” was visited by a lot of citizens. Some of the citizens got the examinations by the doctors, others visited the coach and relevant facilities, and they all spoke highly of this mobile train hospital. The “Health Express” has done well by doing the charity, and I hope that the train hospital can continuously and successfully provide convenience for the citizens, said by a citizen.
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