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“Slow Train” Is Pretty Popular with Yi Ethnic Group


  Muluo Azhi was waiting for train at Puxiong railway station at 7:00 on March 5, beside whom the bamboo basket was loaded with two chickens she raised. She planned to take 5633 train which originated from Puxiong to Panzhihua to sell her chickens in Xide county. At the moment, over 40 passengers were also waiting at the platform with potatoes, corns, chickens and ducks. Similar to Muluo Azhi, they were petty dealers headed for Xide or Xichang. They got on 5633 train undertaken by Chengdu passenger transport depot after its arrival. The train departed punctually at 7:40. They would take 5634 train which was from Panzhihua to Puxiong to return to their home in deep mountains in the same afternoon.

  It is a train that shuttles in Panxi Plateau and Daliang Mountains, on which passengers are mostly Yi ethnic group. They call it “slow train” in that there are plenty of stops along the railway. The Yi ethnic group habitation the train passes locates in one of the areas where national-level poverty-stricken counties are concentrated. The crew of Chengdu passenger transport depot make the rain popular with Yi ethnic group and win their praise due to considerate services.    

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