Social Responsibility

Xi’an Railway Administration Makes Great Efforts to Lift People out of Poverty


  ‘It is the Party’s solemn promise that poverty-stricken people and poverty-stricken areas will enter a well-off society together with the whole nation’. ’Make sure that all poverty-stricken people in the countryside will be lifted out of poverty by China’s present standard before 2020’. As plan for the battle against poverty has been set out in the report to the 19th CPC National Congress, leaders and employees of the entire railway system are ready to shoulder their responsibility. China Railway Xi’an Group Co., Ltd. has dispatched some officials to eight villages of the Mian County to carry out targeted poverty alleviation, lifting local villagers out of poverty.

  Following the requirements specified by the Leading Party Members’ Group of CHINA RAILWAY, Xi’an Railway Administration selected 18 outstanding leaders and assigned them the task of targeted poverty alleviation in eight villages. Chief members of 14 departments and 8 basic-level units of the administration also joined the poverty alleviation working group to take up residence in villages and carry out one-on-one assistance. They are actively undertaking their obligations in the battle against poverty. It is expected that 3136 people from 1116 families in difficulty would be lifted out of poverty by 2019.

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