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Over 30 students from Taiwan study HSR technology in Beijing, Tianjin and Tangshan



  Over 33 young students from Taiwan visited railway design, operation and manufacturing companies and railway colleges in Beijing, Tianjin and Tangshan to have lectures and to study and exchange HSR knowledge.

  In the one-week study program, the HSR knowledge study team of college students from Taiwan visited China Academy of Railway Sciences Corporation Limited, CR Beijing Group Co., Ltd., China Design Corporation and subordinate companies of CRRC, and took EMU trains for firsthand experience of the development of high speed railways of the mainland China.

  In the afternoon of August 29, students visited the State Track Test Center of China Academy of Railway Sciences Corporation Limited and tried the 140km/h intercity train, then, they visited the traffic control center, the high speed wheel/rail interaction laboratory, the high speed OCS/pantograph relation laboratory, the high-speed EMU braking relation laboratory and the high speed EMU AC drive laboratory. On August 31, the students visited the traffic control center of CR Beijing Group Co., Ltd. and asked about questions and exchanged their viewpoints. On September 4, the students visited the CRRC and listened to the overview of China HSR development and the planning of comprehensive traffic hubs and viewed the precision detection robot for track slab.

  Around 16:00 on September 4, the students took the Fuxing train from Tianjin to Beijing. They got exited as the speed of train increased during the trip, and many students took out their mobile phones and shot videos for commemoration.  

  One of the students, Xu Youzhen said, “The rapid development of high speed railways in the mainland strikes the attention of the world. The purpose of this study camp is to let us experience the achievements of HSRs, broaden our views and enhance exchanges. The Fuxing train really impressed me a lot. It only took 30 minutes from Tianjin to Beijing. The speed is incredible, the operation of train is stable and we feel quite comfortable on the train. I’m convinced that high speed trains have made people’s lives more convenient and promoted the economic development.

  Team members, Lin Duo, Lv Yunzhe and Wang Yilin told us, “The study camp is amazing and impressive. We’ve learnt a lot of things, and had the firsthand experience and witnessed the extraordinary achievement of high speed railways made by the mainland China”.

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