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The Press Corps from South Asia and Southeast Asia Feel the Charm of HSR in Yunnan



  “China HSR is really fast! The carriage is big and comfortable, and the service is good. We feel quite cordial.” In the station square of Shilinxi railway station on June 17, Parapilve Hanloo who was the senior propagandist of Foreign Publicity Department of Thai Public Liaison Office thumbed up for China HSR after taking a ride on it.

  On that day, 60-person press corps who attended the 5th China-South Asia Expo and the 25th China Kunming Import & Export Fair visited Kunmingnan railway station and took a EMU train to Shilinxi railway station to experience the speed of China HSR and its service.     

  The press corps reached Kunmingnan railway station in the morning of July 17. They were attracted by the exhibition area of a tour town, “Window of Cloud” customer service center, the display area of Yunnan railway history as well as green landscape area in the waiting hall and took some photos.

  “The building area of Kunmingnan railway station is huge and spectacular, which I seldom see in Thailand. This visit means a lot to me.” Sataba Betong, a journalist of Thai the Nation Newspaper said.

  The press corps got on D3816 EMU train to Shilinxi railway station at 9:28 to “China speed”. Train crew who were in folk costume provided presents and Dali Three Tea for them.

  “I was more than pleased to know and experience Chinese new things, especially HSR. I always focus on the construction process of China-Laos railway. The railway will facilitate Laos people’s travel and provide convenience for the foreigners who live in Laos.” West Terpalas, a journalist from Laos Vientiane Times, said in excitement.

  20 minutes later, the press corps arrived in Shilinxi railway station. Still in excited status, they got off the train and took photos with it.

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