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Municipal Railway and Urban Development Forum Held in Chongqing


  During October 12-13, CHINA RAILWAY and the People's Government of Chongqing jointly held the Municipal Railway and Urban Development Forum in Chongqing, with the theme of "opening & sharing, win-win cooperation". More than 270 guests from relevant ministries and commissions, different provinces and cities, relevant companies and some colleges and universities participated in the forum.

  The main task of this forum was, guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, implementing China's strategic deployment of railway planning and construction, focusing on the target and task of building China's strength in transportation and achieving advanced railway development, making effort to promote the railway supply-side structural reform and improving urban integrated transportation system, so as to meet the increasing demands of the people for a better life, and to promote the high-quality and win-win development of railways and cities.

  Lu Dongfu, the Secretary of Party Leadership Group and the General Manager of CHINA RAILWAY, participated in the forum and made a speech. He stressed that it is of great importance to vigorously develop urban railways in optimizing the layout of urban space, promoting integrated urban and rural development, building the integrated transportation system, solving the traffic jam problems in big cities and reducing energy consumption and pollution emission. He thought that in the new era, it is the very time to vigorously develop the urban railway with policy support, development basis, market demand and extremely favorable conditions. He suggested that to promote the high-quality development of the urban railways, we should seek integrated development of multiple transportation modes, scientifically make project plans and arrangements, establish a sustainable operation pattern, continuously improve the operation service level, and innovate the investment and financing modes. He said that CHINA RAILWAY, as a state-owned railway enterprise, will give full play to its industrial advantages, professional advantages and network advantages, actively strengthen its cooperation with relevant local governments to jointly promote the high-quality development of urban railways, and accelerate the construction of the modern urban integrated transportation system.

  Tang Liangzhi, the Deputy Secretary of CPC committee and Vice Mayor of Chongqing Municipality, participated in the forum and made a speech. He pointed out that accelerating the transportation infrastructure network construction such as the construction of urban railways is the "initiative" and "priority" move to promote the development of Chongqing in the new era. Currently, Chongqing is adhering to the urban development pattern led by rail transit development, promoting the integration of high-speed railway, urban railway and urban rail transit, promoting the public operation of the urban railways, and speeding up the construction of one-hour rail transit circle around the main urban area. Chongqing will take this forum held in Chongqing as an opportunity to further strengthen road and land consultation, improve cooperation mechanisms, and better promote strategic cooperation, planning coordination and project implementation; Chongqing will further deepen the regional coordination, strengthen line connection, construction linkage and operation cooperation with other provinces and municipalities, and improve the level of transportation infrastructure interconnection; Chongqing will also have closer cooperation with all parties to innovate investment and financing modes and co-construction and sharing mechanisms, support all kinds of enterprises, colleges and universities and research institutes to participate in the railway construction and operation in Chongqing and tackle major scientific and technological problems, and work together to create a new situation of the integrated development of the railway and the city.

  During the forum, the organizers hosted multiple special report meetings, in which the leaders and experts of related central ministries and commissions, related railway enterprises, related scientific research institutes, colleges and universities carried out exchangs and seminars on the themes such as promoting local economic and social development by developing urban railways and the development mode of the urban railways; the host also organized the participants to view the public train operation between Chongqing North Railway Station and Chongqing West Railway Station and inspect Chongqing Shapingba Railway Station, a railway integrated transportation hub and urban comprehensive development project.


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