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Lu Dongfu Participated in Site Survey of Ya’an-Nyingchi Section of Sichuan-Tibet Railway


  During October 13-October 16, Lu Dongfu, the Secretary of Party Leadership Group and the General Manager of CHINA RAILWAY, participated in the site survey along Ya'an-Nyingchi Section of Sichuan-Tibet Railway. Lu Dongfu stressed that we should conscientiously study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the third meeting of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee, implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on planning and construction of Sichuan-Tibet Railway, enhance the political responsibility and the sense of historical mission, and follow the overall idea of scientific planning, technical support, ecological protection, safety and reliability, to plan and build Sichuan-Tibet Railway with high standard and high quality.

  Wang Tongjun, a member of the Party Leadership Group and the Deputy General Manager of CHINA RAILWAY, also participated in the site survey. Zhang Yongze, the Vice Chairman of the People's Government of Tibet Autonomous Region, and Yang Hongbo, the Vice Governor of Sichuan Province, participated in the site survey in Tibet Autonomous Region and the line in Sichuan Province respectively.

  The newly built Ya'an-Nyingchi Section of Sichuan-Tibet Railway is located in Sichuan Province and Tibet Autonomous Region. With extremely complex topographical and geological conditions along the line, bridges and tunnels take a large proportion. During the site survey, Lu Dongfu visited the entrance and exit of designed Yigong Tunnel, Duomuge Tunnel, Haizishan Tunnel and Zheduoshan Tunnel successively, carefully checked the engineering geological conditions, length and buried depth of the tunnels and discussed with related technical personnel about the problems that may occur in the process of engineering construction. Lu Dongfu stressed that the tunnels are the most important part of Sichuan-Tibet Railway Project, and we must further strengthen the efforts to geological prospecting, investigate the lithological characters, geothermal conditions, underground water and seismic fault zone distribution conditions along the tunnels through comprehensive geophysical prospecting techniques, so as to select the optimum position, elevation and alignment of the tunnels; according to the geological conditions along the line, we should make full use of proven and reliable technical expertise, scientifically and rationally determine the tunnel construction methods, and actively apply the scientific and technological innovation achievements, so as to effectively address the problems that may occur in tunnel construction; we should also further improve the preliminary work of the key control projects to ensure that the project can be commenced on schedule.

  At the sites of Dongjiuqu Major Bridge, Nujiang River Major Bridge, Yalong River Super Major Bridge and other bridges along the line, Lu Dongfu inspected the slope, water level and flow conditions at both sides of the bridges, and listened to the reports on the comparison and selection of different bridge sites. He pointed out that we should strengthen the exploration of the geological conditions of the water body under the bridges and the mountain body at both sides of the bridges, and scientifically determine the positions of the bridges' piers and abutments and anchor cables, so as to improve the reliability and stability of the bridge from the design; we should follow the principle of “design to serve construction and operation”, and use standardized components as much as possible to facilitate the maintenance of the bridges; we should fully study the changing rules of the wind direction in the canyons where the bridges are located, and innovate design and construction technology to ensure the quality and safety of bridge construction and operation.

  When inspecting the debris flow locations of Jianmupu Meander and Guxiang Gully, Lu Dongfu listened to the reports on distribution of debris flow and landslide locations along Sichuan-Tibet Railway. He pointed out that we should fully recognize the devastating impact of the natural disasters such as debris flow and glacier sliding, and accurately draw the distribution maps of debris flow and landslide locations along the line by combining the engineering measures with bypassingl measures to comprehensively and thoroughly understand their periodic activity rules and make the most efforts to prevent such disasters and hazards in route selection.

  While surveying the Maoyaba plateau permafrost subgrade section, Lu Dongfu carefully inspected the surrounding natural environment and asked about the designed alignment and length of the section. He pointed out that we should draw experience from the Qinghai-Tibet railway to well address those challenges likely to confront in the construction of the plateau permafrost subgrade section; we should study the methods of passing through the plateau permafrost section by constructing the low bridge, to minimize the impact of the permafrost on the track stability and minimize the impact on the natural environment; we should reasonably determine the station locations and carefully design the station building to make the stations in harmony with the natural environment.

  Lu Dongfu also visited the drilling construction site of Xi'eluo Tunnel to visit the on-site personnel who were drilling against the snow. He asked about the drilling progress and pointed out that we should seize the limited time before the heavy snow seals the mountain pass to accelerate the progress and identify comprehensively the geological conditions. He urged relevant responsible persons to ensure the health of the on-site survey and design personnel and fully secure the logistics support, ensuring that the personnel can get enough rest for both physical and mental health.

  During the site visit, Lu Dongfu led a meeting and listened to the opinions of relevant personnel of related design institute and CHINA RAILWAY about the on-site survey and their suggestions on further planning and construction of Sichuan-Tibet Railway. He stressed that this site survey was a practical action of the railway system to learn and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and to fulfill the requirements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on comprehensively commencing the planning and construction of Sichuan-Tibet Railway. Especially this site visit has comprehensively evaluate the project from the engineering perspective so that  we could know more about the topographic and geological conditions as well as the climatic environment along Sichuan-Tibet Railway and have a deeper understanding of the arduous, huge and complex project. We also have strengthened our confidence and determination to tackle difficulties and resolutely complete this key national project. He pointed out that for the planning of Ya’an-Nyingchi Section of Sichuan-Tibet Railway, the general alignment of the line has been basically determined; further study on the alignment, tunnel locations, bridge locations, station locations and elevations of the Project should be carried out, and the feasibility study report should be completed as soon as possible; accurate survey and design of the key control works along the line should be carried out to create favorable conditions for the construction at the early stage. He required that while well completing the basic works such as geological exploration, all the related units should also carry out design and research on the important subjects such as construction access roads, power distribution works, tunnel construction scheme, disaster and hazard prevention, environmental protection and intelligent construction and operation, providing sound support for successful implementation of the Project.

  Lu Dongfu emphasized that, as the Sichuan-Tibet Railway is an arduous and complex systematic engineering project, the project management should be comprehensively reinforced by establishing a sound organization structure and detailed work plan, clarifying specific responsibilities and strengthening the internal and external coordination and cooperation, so as to ensure that the planning and construction of Sichuan-Tibet Railway is in an orderly and efficient progress. Further innovation of the planning and construction management mode should be made to ensure the high quality and high efficiency in preparation of the feasibility report. We should give full play to the institutional advantages of socialism in concentrating our efforts on major issues, integrate the superior resources of the whole railway industry and even the whole country, organize experts and talents in relevant fields, searching for solutions to the important and difficult problems of engineering geology, environmental protection and construction, increase the application of R&D innovation achievements, and provide reliable technical support to implementation of the Project. We should work out special project budget and engineering management methods in accordance with the market and legal rules to push all the works forward in accordance with laws and regulations.

  The chief engineer, chief economic manager, deputy chief engineer of CHINA RAILWAY and the responsible personnel of CHINA RAILWAY, related personnel in CHINA RAILWAY local companies and relevant personnel of related survey and design institutes participated in the site survey.

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