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Anniversary of 350km/h Fuxing HS Train Service Celebrated


  September 21 2018 marks the anniversary of Fuxing HS train service on Beijing-Shanghai HSR, registering a total ridership of 11.57m. Since the launch of the service a year ago, the railway department has implemented the brand-building strategy for Fuxing HS train service, whose coverage and quality continued to enhance, with ever more innovations implemented during the year. The service comes to be known widely around the country.

  The service covers more areas than before, including Hong Kong SAR since September 23. The railway department works hard to fulfill passengers’ demands around the country for quality train services and continued to expand the coverage of the Fuxing HS train service. 260.5 pairs of Fuxing trains are now being operated daily on national railways, including 25 high speed rails such as Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Guangzhou and Shanghai-Kunming HSRs, whose operation covers 23 municipalities under the direct leadership of the central government and capitals of provinces and autonomous regions. On July 1 2018, 16-car Fuxing EMU trains began running on Beijing-Shanghai HSR, and later on Beijing-Guangzhou HSR and Shanghai-Kunming HSR. On September 23 2018, the service also extended to Hong Kong, linking the SAR with the mainland’s HSR network.

  The ever improving service has become the prime way of travel for passengers. The railway department summarizes the experience of running Fuxing EMU trains on Beijing-Shanghai HSR, and formulates and improves the standards concerning the logo, broadcast, publicity, spare parts and ticketing for the service. Online WiFi coverage on the Fuxing trains facilitates passengers. Railway groups around the country introduced priority passenger services, bilingual broadcast and provides emergency medicines onboard. Since the launch of the service, as many as 76.01m passengers took the trains, and the ridership averaged 82.7%. Punctuality registered 99.2% for departure and 97.9% for arrival respectively. It has become the first choice to travel by Fuxing train of many passengers.

  The service boasts continued innovations, showcasing China’s leading role in EMU technology. The railway department acts according to market demands and technology development, organizes manufacturers, institutes and colleges in seeking innovations in EMU technologies, and developed standardized EMU train series that fit different speeds and environment of operation, strengthened the leading role of China in the field and better meet people’s needs in quality travel. Development of 350km/h intelligent Fuxing EMU trains witnesses great progress and sample trains will be assembled by the end of 2018 and tested and verified in 2019; the 250km/h sample Fuxing trains are off the production line already and preparing for type tests; the design of the 160km/h power-concentrated Fuxing EMU trains have been completed, a further step towards mass production.

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