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Harbin-Jiamusi Railway Open to Traffic on September 30


  On September 30, the Harbin-Jiamusi Railway was officially open to traffic, ending the history of no train traffic in most areas along the line.

  The Harbin-Jiamusi railway is located in east central Heilongjiang Province, starting from Harbin City in the west, passing through Binxian, Fangzheng and Yilan counties, and finally to Jiamusi City. With a total length of 344 kilometers and a design speed of 200km/h, this line has 19 stations including Harbin, Taipingqiao, Binxibei, Binzhou, Shenglizhen, fangzheng, Demoli, Yilan and Jiamusi. At the beginning of the opening, 13 pairs of Harbinxi-Jiamusi EMU trains will be operated. The travel time of the fastest passenger train between Harbin and Jiamusi will be shortened from 5 hours and 44 minutes to 2 hours and 3 minutes.

  The Harbin-Jiamusi railway started construction in July 2014 and began integration commissioning and tests in May 2018. The railway is located in an extremely cold area, with a minimum temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius in winter. In the past four years, railway builders have overcome the challenges such as long freezing cycle, complicated geological conditions and short working time, vigorously carrying out scientific and technological innovation and solving key problems. They installed thermal insulation and cold-proof equipment for the line foundation and adopted the anti-frost heave materials to ensure the quality safety of the line equipment in the cold environment. 19 cold-proof renovations have been made to the CRH5A EMU train used on the Harbin-Jiamusi railway including the EMU cowcatcher and the car body in a way to resist the bad weather such as wind, sand, rain and snow, and ensure the safe operation of EMU under extremely cold conditions.

  The Harbin-Jiamusi railway is an extension of the Harbin-Dalian HSR to the northeastern part of Heilongjiang. This railway, together with the opened Harbin-Dalian HSR, the Harbin-Qiqihar HSR and the upcoming Harbin-Mudanjiang HSR, constitutes the main Heilongjiang HSR network. The opening of this railway will further improve the railway network structure in Northeast China, greatly facilitating the travel of people along the line. This railway is of great significance to accelerate the process of regional urbanization, promote regional economic and social development, revitalize the old industrial bases in Northeast China, and ensure the smooth rear passage of the Sino-Russian port railway.

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