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“Quality and Efficient China Railway” Draws Viewers at InnoTrans 2018 in Berlin


  The exhibition area of CHINA RAILWAY combines display contents with art. The public can gain rich experience from seeing, hearing, and interactive participation through pictures, videos, interactive touch screens, Fuxing EMU models and simulated driving panel system. The visitors lining up in front of the simulated driving panel system of Fuxing EMU for the interactive experience became a unique scenery in the exhibition hall.

  As an important part of this exhibition, on September 18, the relevant person in charge of CHINA RAILWAY attended the railway leaders summit of the global high-end railway dialogue platform.

  Around the summit theme "Railway is the future of the city", the person in charge said that the Chinese government attaches great importance to the development of HSR. After years of scientific research, engineering practice and safe operation, the HSR that China has put into operation has exceeded 25,000 kilometers. The fast-growing Chinese HSR has played an important role in the process of urbanization in China, changing the time and space distance of people's lives and promoting the optimization of the spatial layout of central cities. With the one-city effect becoming more and more significant, the development of service industry is greatly enhanced.

  The Spring Festival culture is a feature of China. The concentration of areas where passengers gather together, the travel direction as well as the travel time highlights the imbalance feature of transport during the Spring Festival period. In order to cope with this huge challenge, China uses HSR to expand transport capacity, greatly increasing the inter-city transport capacity. The special transport needs during the Spring Festival period are effectively met by making full use of the existing transport resources, optimizing transport organization, and making an overall arrangement of the locomotives and cars for operation nationwide, etc.

  China railway has built a highly reliable platform system of data service. The internet ticketing websites have more than 150 billion hits on peak days and the electronic payment accounts for over 80% of all the payment ways, providing passengers with quality whole-journey services. At present, in addition to providing ticket booking and change services, the Internet ticketing system also offers services including joint-way ticketing scheme recommendation, seat selection on EMU train, lost and found, online car-hailing, online meal ordering, service reservations for passengers with special needs, as well as bank cards, Alipay, WeChat and other electronic payment methods, etc. In the next step, China Railways will also promote e-tickets in an all-round way and improve the membership system and ticketing system, continuously enhancing the travelers’ sense of gain in travel.

  During the exhibition, CHINA RAILWAY took the lead in organizing China Association of Metros and China Academy of Railway Sciences Corporation Limited and held the China Day at InnoTrans. The series of activities on the China Day aim to enhance the understanding of the world's peers on the development achievements in China's rail transit sector and establish a unified image and industry brand of “China's rail transit with innovative development”.

  During the exhibition, CHINA RAILWAY held exchanges with UIC, OSJD, DB, ZD, Siemens, Bombardier, and other foreign railway operators and equipment manufacturers .

  It is reported that InnoTrans, started in 1996, is the world's largest exhibition for rail transit industry and is held every two years.


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