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UIC “Digital Transformation Tour” held in Shanghai


  The Digital Transformation Tour jointly held by UIC and CHINA RAILWAY came to a successful conclusion in Shanghai on September 7. During this five-day activity, railway industrial officials and experts from China and abroad visited HUAWEI, Tencent, Shenzhen airport, Dassault, Shanghai Hongqiao railway station and alibaba in Hangzhou, and participated in a seminar themed “AI and Railway ” at alibaba Group on September 6 and 7.

  Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, the director general of the UIC attended the seminar and delivered a speech. “The digital transformation and integrated development of AI and railway have become a an irresistible trend, China railway has made effective exploration and active practices and made significant progress, making great contribution to the world’s intelligent railway development”, Mr. Loubinoux said.

  According to CHINA RAILWAY, with unremitting efforts, China has made historical development in high speed railway; the general technical level of China high speed railway has entered the advanced ranks and some technologies have reached the leading level. By adhering to independent innovation, China has controlled a package of technologies for HSR construction in different climate environments and geological conditions including extremely cold area, tropical area, coastal and river network area, desert, mountain area and plateau. China has built over 25,000km HSRs, accounting for two thirds of the world’s total. The HSRs in China feature the longest mileage, the largest scale, the highest speed and the most complicated operation conditions in the world. In recent years, China gives great impetus to technical and management innovation in such aspects as intelligent construction, intelligent equipment and intelligent operation, in a bid to improve the intelligence level of China HSRs.

  During the seminar, sessions on three subjects, namely, intelligent construction, intelligent equipment and intelligent operation were held to have officials and experts from China, France, Denmark and Sweden exchange their viewpoints on HSR international cooperation and visioning of intelligent HSR technology. Over 80 experts from China and abroad attended the seminar.

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