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CRSF International Express Co., Ltd. Established


  The new CRSF International Express Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen on August 29. It is another important achievement made by the mixed ownership reform of national railway enterprises following the establishment of Guotie Jixun Science and Technology Co., Ltd. on July 5 this year. Huang Min, a Party member and the Deputy General Manager of CHINA RAILWAY and Wang Wei, the Chairman of S. F. Holding Co., Ltd. unveiled the new company jointly.

  According to the introduction of the relevant department head of CHINA RAILWAY, CRSF International Express Co., Ltd. is jointly established by China Railway Express (CRE) Co., Ltd. under CHINA RAILWAY and Shenzhen S.F.Taisen Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. under S.F. Holding Co., Ltd. CRE and S.F. hold a share of 55% and 45% respectively. The business scope of the new CRSF International Express Co., Ltd. mainly includes the R&D and sale of featured logistics service products such as high-speed rail express and fast freight trains and the design and construction of cross-border e-commerce rail freight platforms. The company aims at enhancing and integrating resources based on customer demands, establishing a comprehensive logistics center with multiple service functions such as storage, handling, packaging, carrying, processing and delivery and providing the society with safe, convenient and efficient express logistics services.

  The head said that the establishment of CRSF International Express Co., Ltd. was an important achievement made by CHINA RAILWAY in deepening the supply-side structural reform of railway transportation, accelerating the reform of national railway enterprises, developing the economy of mixed ownership positively, promoting the structural optimization and adjustment of rail freight and reducing social logistics costs. The company will give full play to advantages of technical resources such as the railway network, the mobile internet and the intra-city distribution network, promote the interconnection of the three networks so as to realize cooperation, convenience and benefit, endeavor to make CRSF International Express Co., Ltd. into a modern logistics enterprise, establish a railway express service system matched with the world-class modern railway network positively, launch more express logistics products meeting market demands and provide better service experience for customers.

  The relevant directors of S.F. Holding Co., Ltd. said that the railway express logistics market had broad prospects and the company would make overall plans for the utilization of resources such as rail capacity and terminals and market and institutional advantages of SF, operate the joint venture company jointly with the railway enterprise, develop and launch series of express logistics products jointly, endeavor to establish a new railway express service system which is safe, stable, innovative and efficient with first-class services, realize the improvement of both quality and efficiency of railway express logistics services, promote the popularization of railway express services and endeavor to improve the sense of gain of the masses. Meanwhile, it would also promote the multimodal transport of highways and railways for express transportation positively, making positive contributions to the adjustment of the freight structure.

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