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The Number of Passenger Originated by Harbin-Qiqihar HSR Reaches 40 Million


  Harbin-Qiqihar HSR embraced its third birthday on August 17. Over the past three years, Harbin-Qiqihar HSR continuously improves the service quality, boasting a preferred choice for passengers of the two cities. The number of passengers originated reached 40 million, and the safe operation distance of the HSR stood at over 22 million kilometers. 

  Harbin-Qiqihar HSR was put into operation at the speed of 250km/h on August 17, 2015. CHINA RAILWAY Harbin Group Co., Ltd. carried out cold-proof upgrade on 19 key EMU projects and adopted real-time monitoring system, 6C detecting system as well as natural disaster and foreign matter monitoring system to ensure the safe operation in extremely cold weather with the temperature of -35℃.       

  The operation of Harbin-Qiqihar HSR has greatly shortened the distance and the traveling time among the cities along the line, and the travel time between Harbin and Qiqihar has been reduced from 6 hours to less than 90 minutes. Over the past three years, railway departments have continuously been putting more EMU into traffic from 20 pair of EMU in 2015 to current 34.5 pair with the time interval of 20 minutes. The mass transit operation of Harbin-Qiqihar HSR makes the passengers feel the convenience of “two cities are one home”, and going to work by HSR becomes a new fashion for the young people. 

  The cities along Harbin-Qiqihar HSR such as Zhaodong, Anda, Daqing, Taikang, Qiqihar become tourist destinations for their natural scenery and cuisine. On May 1, 2018, Taikang railway station changed its name into Dorbet railway station to promote grassland tourism. The “one-hour-tourism circle” created by Harbin-Qiqihar HSR boosts “weekend tourism” and “intercity tourism” to Longjiang, attracting tourists from across the country. The number of passengers originated by Harbin-Qiqihar HSR for the first year reached 12.55 million, and that figure in the third year stood at 14.51 million, significantly facilitating the development of Longjiang’s tourist industry.                    

  Over the past three years, the railway stations along Harbin-Qiqihar HSR has continually improved the quality of infrastructure. The Northern building of Harbin railway station is equipped with facial recognition system, which shortens the time consumed in entering the station. Harbin West station sets up navigation robots to make advisory and searching more technological; Qiqihar South railway station sets up vending machines, jukeboxes and photo booths. CHINA RAILWAY Harbin Group Co., Ltd. researched and developed automatic ice-melting and snow-clearing device for EMU in extremely cold areas and obtained national patent, which increased the operation rate of EMU in winter. Since last year, Harbin-Qiqihar HSR had been leveraging its own advantages in launching HSR food ordering and express delivery services to meet passengers’ diversified needs.  

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