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CR Holds Talks with alibaba on Furthering Cooperation


  On the evening of June 22nd, Lu Dongfu, the secretary of leading party members group and general manager of the CHINA RAILWAY, met with Ma Yun, the president and chairman of the alibaba group, and held talks on further deepening joint cooperation.

  Lu Dongfu welcomed the visit of Ma Yun's delegation to CR again, thanked the alibaba group for its support and assistance in the construction and operation of the railway website, and appreciated the participation of alibaba group and the Ant Financial group’s consortium  in the bid for the stock rights of the EMU Wi-Fi management company. He pointed out that China's "four vertical and four horizontal" high speed rail network has been built and operated, not only greatly expanding the capacity of railway transportation, but also led to ever greater market spillover effect of high speed rail. alibaba and Ant Financial are well-known electronic commerce and Internet financial service enterprises in our country and in the world. CR is willing to put social responsibility in the first place, guided by passenger demand, uphold the principle of fairness, openness, mutual benefit and cooperation, and further deepen the cooperation with alibaba group other companies. We should strengthen the research and expansion of the market, make full use of our own advantages, and consolidate the cooperation results in the aspects of Internet construction and development, mobile payment, information security, passenger service and logistics service, and actively expand the application of information network technology innovations, and cooperate on the Internet of things, big data use, and intelligent logistics network. We should promote the integration of the high speed rail network and the Internet, so that the people will have more sense of fulfillment, and at the same time, improve the service quality and efficiency of the high speed railway in China.

  Ma Yun highly appraised the achievements made in the development of China's high-speed rail, delivered thanks to CR's support for and trust in the alibaba group, and congratulated the successful transfer of the stock rights of the EMU Wi-Fi operation company. He pointed out that the alibaba group is committed to building a national enterprise, taking on the responsibility of the information network technology national team and making greater contributions to the development of the economy and society while promoting the rapid development of the enterprise. He said that the alibaba Group actively responded to the idea of the integration of the high speed rail network and the Internet, and hoped to be more extensively and deeply involved in the development and expansion of China's railway industry by giving full play to its technical advantages of big data, cloud computing, block chain and Internet of things, and further deepening cooperation in mobile payment, information security, passenger service, logistics service and other aspects with CR. It will contribute to improving the travel experience of passengers and reducing the cost of social logistics.

  The member of the Leading Party Members Group and deputy general manager of CR Huang Min, the chairman and chief executive officer of the Ant Financial Group, Jing Xiandong, and leaders of relevant departments of CR and alibaba Group participated in the talks.

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