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Press Corps for FOCAC Beijing Summit Visits CHINA RAILWAY


  ON the morning of August 30, the press corps for the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) 2018 visited the dispatching and command center and Beijing EMU depot of CHINA RAILWAY. More than 50 journalists from countries such as Angola, Gambia, Ghana, Brazil, France and Germany had a close look at China's achievements in high-speed railways, and gave a like to "China Speed".

  At 9 o'clock, the press corps first visited the dispatching and command center, where the panoramic giant screen is displaying various contents dynamically, including the real-time operation information about passenger trains, freight trains and CHINA RAILWAY Express trains. The dispatchers sat at the dispatching console, some closely monitoring the varying information, some directing the train operation, some adjusting train plans and some issuing dispatching orders. "China, a country with 9% of the world’s total operating mileage, is undertaking one quarter of the world’s railway throughput. In order to ensure the safe and efficient operation of this huge, complex and advanced railway network, we have established a scientific, complete and advanced dispatching and command system”, said Zhang Caichun, Deputy Director of the Dispatching Department of CHINA RAILWAY. Afterwards, Qian Zhengyu, Deputy Director of the Department of Science, Technology and IT Application of CHINA RAILWAY, exchanged views with journalists on technological innovation achievements of high-speed railways and the development of intelligent high-speed railways in China.


  “How do China’s high-speed railways serve the construction of "Belt and Road"?” "Since China has already opened trains leading to Europe and Central Asia, we wonder when the trains going from and to South Asia will be available." "When will China's intelligent high-speed railway technology be promoted to other countries and regions?" With the smooth progress of a number of international railway cooperation projects, such as the Jakarta-Bandung High Speed Railway of Indonesia and Laos-China Railway, journalists are all concerned about how to deepen railway cooperation with other countries in the world and share China's experience in the development of highspeed railways.

  At about 11 o'clock, the press corps came to the Beijing EMU depot, where they visited the factory area sand table model and EMU maintenance shed, listened to the briefing about EMU high-level repair flow and repair standardization, and had a close look at the EMU maintenance scene. Li He, Deputy Director of Beijing EMU depot, Zhao Hongwei,  Principal Engineer of China Academy of Railway Sciences Corporation Limited, and Researcher Zhang Bo were interviewed on site by the media.

  During the activity, foreign media reporters spoke highly of the development of China’s high-speed railways. Benson Afful, a journalist from Ghana's Business Financial Times, said that he used to take a high-speed train from Xi’an to Wuhan, and he described the trip as "very convenient, very time-saving, very efficient and very safe". "High-speed railway is an innovation outcome that has greatly changed people's lives." Jarju Sally, an employee of Gambian radio and television company who has traveled to and from Beijing and Tianjin by high-speed trains for many times, also spoke highly of China's high-speed railways. She hopes that through cooperation and exchanges, Gambia will have such a high-speed railway one day. Upul Wickramasinghe of Sunday Times in Sri Lanka, said it was significant to further enrich his understanding of the development and achievements of China's high-speed railways in this activity. When asked if he had ever taken a ride on any high-speed trains in China, he was very excited and said that he took a high-speed train several months ago from Chengdu to another city, which was his very first experience in life. Although this trip only took one and a half hours, it was a very wonderful and unforgettable experience. "As we all know, tremendous changes have taken place in China since the reform and opening up. In the field of transportation, high-speed railways are undoubtedly the most remarkable achievement", he said.

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