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China Railway Express Unveiled at the 5th China-Russia Expo


  On July 9, the 5th China-Russia Expo was officially opened in Russia. At the Expo, cross-border container freight trains including China Railway Express that was deemed as the leader became the highlight shining in Ekaterinburg-Expo International Exhibition Center.

  Themed "New beginning, new opportunities and new future," the annual event exhibited the theme of cooperation with Russia from the integrated logistics service platform for One Belt and Road Initiative to the cloud computing center of China-Russia Big Data Headquarters Base. The event better fulfilled its function as a platform for China-Russia exchanges.

  This year, HAO International Logistics Co., Ltd. attended China-Russia Expo for the fourth time. The company was jointly incorporated by Beijing Changjiu Logistics Co., Ltd., China Railway Harbin Administration Group Co., Ltd., and Dalian Port Container Development Co., Ltd. As the operator of international freight trains such as Harbin-Hamburg China Railway Express and Harbin-Busan China Railway Express, it is making all efforts to build the international railway transport corridor connecting the Northeast Asia and Europe.

  In recent years, China Railway Harbin Administration Group Co., Ltd. has positively served One Belt and Road Initiative and built the international transport corridor for connectivity with Harbin International Container Center Station as the center, Manzhouli and Suifenhe railway ports as the support points, and China Railway Express as the carrier. By now, Harbin-Hamburg China Railway Express has been put in two-way operation. It accelerates the construction of China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor and Heilongjiang Land and Sea Silk Road Economic Zone.


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