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Railway Administrative Staff from 13 Countries Visit “High Speed Railway Driving School” in Wuhan


  Total 63 railway administrative staff from 13 countries visited Wuhan High Speed Railway Vocational Skill Training Section on June 12. These visitors were mainly from member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the “Belt & Road” countries, including Egypt, Palestine, Ghana, Cameroon, Jordan, Zambia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Mongolia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Laos, and Uzbekistan. Most of them joined the activity for first time, and some of them, for example, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Laos, and Uzbekistan joined the activity for the second time.

  Wuhan High Speed Railway Vocational Skill Training Section was officially launched in September 12, 2014, it is the only authoritative facility for high speed railway skill training of China Railway, and also called “high speed railway driving school”. Following the “going globe” pace of China high speed railway, the section is committed to training, scientific research and technical service by fully exerting its advantage in educational resources and plays a leading role in promoting international cooperation and strengthening vocational skill exchange. In the form of classroom lectures, group discussions, on-site visits, driver simulation, the Section invited the railway management staff to visit the related training equipment, exercise the EMU driving operation and experience the EMU driving simulation, helping them understand the development achievements, experience and cutting-edge technology of China railway in a comprehensive, objective and truthful manner.

  “This visit is a good platform for exchanges of railway knowledge, people and technology, and also improves the friendship and economic development among participant countries. China high speed railway are developing fast, its world leading technology and advanced management experience impress me a lot”, Ahmed Ashraf · Mohammed, the training manager of State Railway Administration of Egypt, said excitedly after doing the EMU driving simulation.

  Started from 2015, total 14 railway technical skill training classes have been organized for foreign trainees from Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Zambia, Hungary, Serbia, the United Republic of Tanzania, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Uzbekistan and the accumulated number of trainees at home and abroad has reached 63892.

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