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Lu Dongfu Inspects Construction of Jakarta-Bandung HSR in Indonesia


  From May 1st to 5th, General Manager of CHINA RAILWAY Lu Dongfu visited Indonesia, leading a team of representatives who are in charge of Chinese units which participate in the construction. He carried out on-site inspection and survey of the construction work of Jakarta-Bandung HSR and exchanged ideas on relevant issues with Indonesian personnel in order to fully advance the project. He visited Chinese and Indonesian employees who take part in the construction. He instructed the Chinese units to persistently follow the guidance of Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, deeply implement the spirit of important instructions and comments from central leadership, shoulder the responsibilities, fully start the construction work immediately, display the progress to the Indonesian people, ensure that the Jakarta-Bandung HSR becomes an excellent project and demonstration project, make positive contributions to the development of the Belt and Road and to the promotion of friendly cooperation between China and Indonesia.

  Chinese Ambassador to Indonesia Xiao Qian attended relevant inspection and survey activities.

  On the morning of May 2, Lu Dongfu and Indonesian Minister of State-owned Enterprise Rini jointly inspected the entrance construction point of Jakarta-Bandung HSR No.1 tunnel, watched the introduction video of the HSR and the project presentation at exhibition hall and visited Chinese and Indonesian field operation workers. Then, Lu Dongfu held talks with Rini in on-site meeting room. Lu Dongfu appreciated that Indonesian government vigorously promoted land acquisition and demolition and made breakthrough after the last talks. He stated that the construction of Jakarta-Bandung HSR was starting a new chapter through both sides’ joint effort as well as respective advantages. He also said that CHINA RAILWAY would fully play a leading role in organizing Chinese enterprises to put the largest efforts, speeding up to implement main projects and sparing no effort to promote the comprehensive construction of Jakarta-Bandung HSR to present the HSR with the highest standard and the most modernization worldwide to Indonesian. He hoped that both sides could further carry out pragmatic and friendly cooperation, give full play to respective advantages, strengthen unified and efficient command system, unify construction organization, cost control, security quality management, etc. and build an excellent project. Rini pointed out that the cooperation and friendship of two sides further deepened with the promotion of the HSR. She expressed her gratitude to CHINA RAILWAY for its efforts in the course of implementation and hoped to get continuous help and support from CHINA RAILWAY in next step of land acquisition and demolition, loan, staff training and extension line construction. She also said that the Ministry would organize Indonesian state-owned enterprises to support the implementation of the HSR project.

  On the afternoon of May 2, Lu Dongfu and Indonesian Maritime Affairs Coordinating Minister Luhut held a conversation in Indonesian Maritime Affairs Coordinating Ministry. Lu Dongfu introduced the achievements in construction and development of China HSR to Luhut and gave detailed answers to the questions Indonesian government concerned about. He said that Indonesian government’s decision to build Jakarta-Bandung HSR was absolutely right and its operation prospect was promising. Chinese party would adopt the best HSR technology and optimize localization adaptation to meet Indonesian people’s aesthetic appreciation and requirements. Chinese party would employ a mass of Indonesian workers under the condition of safety and quality once the construction started. They would also reinforce the training for Indonesian workers and provide help for Indonesia to build its own HSR technological force and staff team. Luhut was satisfied with Lu’s response and stated that Indonesian government would root for the construction of Jakarta-Bandung HSR. He also hoped two sides to hurry up to realize the comprehensive construction of the HSR.

  On May 3, Lu Dongfu carried out field survey in Vallini Tunnel of Jakarta-Bandung HSR, DK117 mixing plant and local laboratory of China Railway Group Limited No.2 branch, learned detailed situation of construction progress and inspected the facilities in the construction camps. He hoped that builders involved should strive for “Four No.1” in aspect of construction quality, construction safety, civilized construction and harmony with local people. Specifically, builders involved should put quality safety in the first and comprehensively implement overall quality safety control measures, protect ecological environment, reinforce construction site management and present a good image of China HSR construction, respect the religious beliefs and customs of Indonesian workers, invite local people to visit the construction site to know about the construction situation of Jakarta-Bandung HSR and create a favorable atmosphere for the project progress.

  On the morning of May 4, 2018, Lu Dongfu first came to the DK28 girder fabrication yard and mixing station of Power Construction Corporation of China, listened to the briefing on the construction and expressed satisfaction with the progress of the project as well as the efforts made by relevant enterprises to overcome difficulties. Later, he came to the DK23 pile foundation construction site and examined the progress there. He pointed out that the design institute need to work closely with the builder and keep a close eye on the key, difficult and controlling project, fulfilling the requirements on standardized construction and implementing innovative methods and working patterns to improve the quality of the project.

  Afterwards, at the offices of the consortium of contractors and KCIC, Lu Dongfu visited the Chinese and Indonesian staff there. He said that it is the Jakarta-Bandung HSR project that closely connects us with each other and thus in the project, we will promote friendship and contribute to the friendly cooperation between China and Indonesia. During the discussion with the board of directors of KCIC, he said that during the visit this time to the site of the high speed rail, he felt for himself the enthusiastic support the Indonesian party had shown toward the construction and great amount of work they had done. A high quality Jakarta-Bandung Project calls for the joint efforts of both parties and the full play of their respective strengths. The Chinese enterprises will offer their best talents, technologies and managerial expertise to train the Indonesian engineers, so that they can get greatest improvement during the construction of the project.

  On the noon of May 4, Lu Dongfu visited the local offices of China Railway Design Corporation, China Academy of Railway Sciences Corporation Limited, and extended greetings to the staff working there, encouraging them to always bear in mind their duty, live up to the trust endowed upon them and work hard to accomplish all tasks in a high-standard and efficient way. He also pointed out that it is imperative to make careful design and planning, carry out targeted management, and build a fine project, showcasing the due image of China railway. He asked the leaders in all the companies to care about the living and working conditions of the staff there, work hard to provide good support for them and help solve the most urgent problems faced by them.

  On the afternoon of May 4, Lu Dongfu held the On-site Inspection Meeting of Jakarta-Bandung High Speed Rail. Heads of the EPC department, headquarters of all builders involved, and relevant departments of CHINA RAILWAY reported the history and the status quo of their work concerning the project, and expressed their determination to take the on-site inspection as a good opportunity to shore up their confidence and redouble their efforts in promoting the full-scale construction of the project. At the end of the meeting, Lu Dongfu made a summary. He pointed out that since the beginning of the implementation of Jakarta-Bandung High Speed Rail project, under the care and promotion of the top leadership in both countries and the tremendous support of government departments in China and Indonesia, all builders involved have overcome daunting challenges and promoted the progress of the project. At present, as the working mechanism of the implementation of the project is now in place, project permit and financing and other key conditions are gradually being met and breakthroughs in land acquisition and relocation have been achieved, construction have begun at multiple working sites, which further shore up our confidence and determination in reaching the goals concerning the construction of the project. He emphasized that building the HSR as a fine project constitutes a concrete action by us to strengthen our awareness in maintaining political integrity, being aware of the bigger picture, following the CPC as the core of the Chinese leadership and acting in accordance with CPC Central Committee policies, as well as implementing the spirit of important instructions by General Secretary Xi Jinping. He also pointed out that the project is a flagship project promoting the development of the “Belt and Road” and serving the diplomatic strategy of the state, and a model project letting more people know about the Chinese HSR brand, promoting the go-global efforts of China’s high speed railway sector. All builders involved need to be fully aware of the significance of the project, enhance their sense of responsibility and mission, and work hard to build the HSR as a fine project.

  Lu Dongfu pointed out that it is imperative we pull our minds and efforts in opening a new chapter in the full-scale construction of the HSR. First, we shall have a clear division of responsibilities in the construction. All companies and departments shall give full play to their respective roles and functions, work on schedule, centralize resources, make detailed plans, prioritize implementation of responsibilities and promote the project in an orderly way. Second, we shall strengthen both the inner and outside communication and coordination, and especially establish a sound mechanism of communication and cooperation with the Indonesian party to form a body of common interest and cooperation and promote the cohesion of all forces behind the construction. Third, we shall ensure the quality of the project and the workplace safety. We shall strengthen the awareness of all staff concerning the construction of a fine project, use technological and management innovations to build a fine project. We shall build a three-in-one quality and safety system involving good use of human resources, safety equipment and information technologies to neutralize the threat of heavy rains and droughts to construction, strengthen the control and supervision on key links relevant to quality and safety, and take effective precaution measures against quality and safety risks. Fourth, we shall improve the overall project management. We shall improve the construction management mechanism and system, the management of physical assets and equipment, and the evaluation and motivation mechanism, promote the development along the line, reduce the construction and management costs, and mobilize the initiative of all sides. Fifth, we shall maintain the friendly cooperation and relations between both countries. We shall educate the Chinese staff about the local traditions and customs, respect the religious needs of Indonesian employees, value the training to them and build a harmonious relationship marked by friendliness and cooperation. We shall obey the local laws and regulations, know more about the local needs concerning socio-economic development, and benefit people living along the high speed line. Sixth, we shall ensure all links of the project construction and management are corruption free, have in place a detailed anti-corruption plan and risk control measures. We shall also improve our work related to the local people and earn their understanding of and the support for the project.

  Main leaders of China Railway Group Limited, Power Construction Corporation of China, CRRC Corporation Limited, China Railway Signal and Communication Corporation Limited, and leaders from relevant departments of China Academy of Railway Sciences Corporation Limited, China Railway Design Corporation and CHINA RAILWAY attended the inspection.

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