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First large freight station on China-Laos railway to be launched this year


  Located in the city of Yuxi, Yunnan province and on Yuxi-Mohan railway – the China-Laos railway corridor, Yanhe station has witnessed the closure of the earthwork filling of both the subgrade and the yard, while the auxiliary projects of the subgrade is well underway. The station is expected to open for service within the year, upon which it will be the first large freight station put into operation on China-Laos railway.

  The managing personnel from the commanding office of Zhennan railway construction of China Railway Kunming Group Co., Ltd said that as the connecting station for both Kunming-Hekou railway (the China-Vietnam international corridor) and Yuxi-Mohan railway (the China-Laos international corridor), Yanhe station represents an important freight transport hub for both corridors. With the construction started in May 2016, the station is expected to be put into operation by the end of 2018. At present, the earthwork filling has been basically completed with the areas subject to excavation and filling standing at over 10,000,000m3. The main construction will be concluded by the end of this June.

  Occupying an area of 2,000mu, Yanhe station is designed to accommodate 8 main lines and 5 reserved lines. The station is equipped with freight lines and yards for containers, bulk freight, commercial automobile, heavy and large goods and moist-sensitive goods.

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