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CR Express Started the New Journey of High-quality Development


  Recently, CHINA RAILWAY has brought the advantages of the Eurasian Continental railway network into full play and continuously improved the service quality and operation quality of CHINA RAILWAY Express. Up to April 15, CR Express had operated 7,891 trains in total with the substantially rising rate of return trains and obviously improvement of operation efficiency, which entered the high-quality development stage, strongly promoting China’s opening-up and the economic and trade exchanges among the countries along “the Belt and Road”.

  Ushering in the new era, China’s leading group office on promoting the construction of “the Belt and Road” set 2018 as the year of quality and efficiency improvement of CR Express, striving to build CR Express as an important carrier of “the connectivity of policy, infrastructure, trade, finance and people”. CHINA RAILWAY thoroughly studied and implemented the Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, served the construction of “the Belt and Road”, practiced the new development idea and the requirements of the five types of connectivity, with the general objective of operating high-quality trains, focusing on strengthening public service and comprehensive guarantee, and with overall coordination, initiatives and innovative organization, CHINA RAILWAY led all parties concerned to jointly build the unified brand of CR Express so as to improve the operation efficiency, reduce the comprehensive cost and improve the competitive capacity. As the CR Express whole-course operation and service platform of CHINA RAILWAY, China Railway Container Transport Corp., Ltd. (CRCT) conscientiously implemented the decisions and arrangements of “building China’s strength in transportation and achieving railway development in advance”. Under the guidance of relevant departments of CHINA RAILWAY, CRCT strengthened collaboration with CR Administrations and local governments at all levels and reinforced the complementary advantages, gave full play of the functions of the joint working group of railway transportation of CR Express among seven countries and CR Express transportation coordination committee and also the specialization, network and internalization advantages of CRCT, thus vigorously promoting the steady growth and high-quality development of CR Express.

  Operation scope was continuously widened. Under the guidance of relevant departments of CHINA RAILWAY, CRCT continuously strengthened the transnational railway cooperation, actively promoted construction of new CR Express transportation corridors in the countries in the Baltic Sea region, around the Caspian Sea, in the Black Sea region and in the Central and East European region. Operation scope of CR Express was continuously widened. Currently, the number of domestic operation lines of CR Express stands at 65, and the number of domestic cities with stable operation of CR Express lines rises to 43, covering 14 countries and 42 cities in the Europe.

  Operation quality was obviously improved. CRCT vigorously developed the source of goods of the countries along “the Belt and Road” and enriched the categories of goods transported by CR Express, promoting the substantially rising rate of return trains. Currently, the return rate compared with the outbound rate of CR Express trains rose to 67% from 53% in 2017, showing the trend of two-way balanced transportation. The categories of transported goods gradually reach clothing, shoes, hats, automobile and accessories, food, wine, coffee beans, timber, chemicals, mechanical equipment and paper pulp, with the transportation rate of loaded containers reaching 87%, among which the rate of loaded containers of the outbound trains is 94% and that of the return trains is 75%.

  Logistics cost was consistently decreased. CRCT insisted the principle of achieving shared growth through discussion and collaboration, strengthened the cooperation with the railway and logistics enterprises in the countries along CR Express lines and actively strove for the preferential price provided by such countries as Iran and Turkey, forming the basis for the development of new projects of CR Express.

  Operation efficiency was obviously increased. CRCT continuously optimized domestic transportation organization and strengthened overseas coordination, shortened the CR Express trains operation time to about 24 hours for the domestic sections and shortened the fastest operation time to 135 hours for the wide-gauge sections. With the implementation of drawing of the entire transportation system, the entire transportation time of CR Express trains will be further reduced and the operation efficiency will be increased obviously.

  Informationization level was continuously improved. CRCT improved the railway international combined transportation information platform - 95306, promoted the EDI information exchanges with foreign railways including Russian and Kazakhstan railways in terms of international combined transportation waybill and operation tracking information, and developed and applied the international combined transportation document system and freight rate inquiry system, providing the services including electronic documentary system, statistic analysis, overseas tracking, freight rate inquiry and customs clearance information sharing to the customers.

  Safety & security guarantee system was continuously improved. CRCT strengthened the safety & security management and service, installed widely the tracking devices, built the safety & security guarantee system in multiple dimensions and levels, and actively promoted the insurance services and GPS electronic anti-theft locks, achieving continuously improvement of safety & security guarantee system of CR Express.

  It was introduced that CR Express (Poland – Chengdu) reached Alashankou Port on March 29. It was the 1000th CR Express train operated in this year, with the total operation time of only 88 days, which was 168 days less than that in 2016 and 45 days less than that in 2017, creating a new record. This marked the new significant achievement in the railway service construction along “the Belt and Road”.

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