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First Operation of CHINA RAILWAY Express from Nanchang to Moscow Begins


  At 11:08 of April 20, the operation of CHINA RAILWAY Express from Nanchang to Moscow successfully started from Nanchang Xiangtang Railway Port via Henggang 933 Dedicated Line. This train carried 41 40-foot containers loaded with clothing, shoes, hats, electronic components and other goods. It will depart from China after passing through Erlianhaote, and it will pass through Mongolia before it finally arrives in Russia. With the entire operation distance of about 10,000km, it takes only 15 days for the train to arrive at Vorsino Station in Moscow.  

  In recent years, Nanchang Municipal Government and China Railway Nanchang Group Co., Ltd. actively participated in the development of “the Belt and Road”, vigorously expanded the functions of Nanchang Xiangtang Railway Port and built the new international logistics corridor. The successful operation of CHINA RAILWAY Express (Nanchang – Moscow) as scheduled was ensured with Jiangxi COSCO Shipping International Freight Transportation Co., Ltd. as the platform, with the whole-journey logistics service provided by China Railway Container Transport Corp., Ltd. and with the collaboration and cooperation among all parties including Jiangxi National Storage Logistics Co., Ltd and Nanchang Branch of China Railway Special Cargo Services Co., Ltd. From the middle of May, normalized operation of CHINA RAILWAY Express (Nanchang – Moscow) will be achieved, providing weekly service. Compared with traditional shipping, the entire transportation time will be reduced by about 25 days. Compared with highway transportation, the entire transportation cost will be reduced by about 40%. It will certainly promote the upgrading of economic and trade cooperation between Jiangxi and Russia.  

  According to the statistics, since 2017, at Nanchang Xiangtang Railway Port, the pattern of export corridors with 4 sea-rail combined export lines and 3 direct international trains has been formed, and a total of 11,000 loaded standard containers have been exported.

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