International Cooperation

The First Shijiazhuang-Minsk China Railway Express Put in Operation


  At 10:10 on June 2, the first container freight train full of freights started from Shixi Operation Division, Shijiazhuang Freight Center, China Railway Beijing Administration Group Co., Ltd. to Minsk, Belarus. This Shijiazhuang-Minsk China Railway Express opened a new international logistics corridor from Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei Province to Europe.

  Operation of this train was jointly organized by Shijiazhuang Freight Center, China Railway Container Transport Co., Ltd., and Hebei Taitong Logistics Co., Ltd. The forty-one 40-feet containers carried by the train were full of diesel engines and fishing gears. Starting from Shijiazhuang, the train crossed the national border from Manzhouli, arrived at Vorsino Station in Moscow after 12 days, and finally reached Kolyadichi Station in Minsk, the capital of Belarus after another 3 days. For the return journey, starting from Kolyadichi Station, this train carried wood products and goods of Belarus and the surrounding countries to Shijiazhuang.


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