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Shijiazhuang-Minsk CRE Service Launched


  At 10:10 June 2, a fully loaded container train was originated from Shijiazhuang West Division of Shijiazhuang Freight Center of China Railway Beijing Group Co Ltd, bounding for Minsk, Belarus. The launch of the CHINA RAILWAY Express service marks the opening a new logistics channel linking Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei Province, with Europe.

  The train was operated by Shijiazhuang Freight Center, CRCT, and Hebei Taitong Logistics Co Ltd. Its 41 40-inch containers carry diesel engines and fishing machinery. The train was originated from Shijiazhuang, will cross border at Manzhouli, reach Vorsino Station in Moscow after 12 days travel and later Kolyadich Staion in Minsk, Belarus after another 3 days trip. On its returning journey, the train will be originated from Kolyadich Staion, carrying wood products from Belarus and neighboring countries back to Shijiazhuang.

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