Track Laying of Whole Guangtong-Dali Railway of China-Myanmar International Corridor Completed


  The track laying of Guangtong-Dali capacity expansion project (Guangtong-Dali Railway for short) of China-Myanmar International Corridor was completed recently, laying a solid foundation for the timely operation of EMU trains between Kunming and Dali.

  The railway has 80 bridges and 44 tunnels in total, with the bridge-tunnel ratio reaching 63.6%. It is a national class 1 double line electrified railway.

  The construction work of the railway is quite hard as it passes through complicated geological areas. The construction began at the end of 2012 and has been fully completed after 5 years of hard work by the workers. The operation of this new line will create a two-hour transport circle between Kunming and Dali.

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