China Railway Xi’an Group Co., Ltd. Co- Establishes Joint Innovation Center with Huawei


  China Railway Xi’an Group Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Huawei on May 14 to establish a joint innovation center, opening a new chapter for the cooperation of information technology of both parties, and marking a new stage for the application of intelligent railway of China Railway Xi’an Group Co., Ltd. According to the agreement, the joint innovation center will focus on cooperation in eight fields, such as logistic network, cloud computing, big data, wireless network, and emergency communication by fully exerting the advantages of both parties. An intelligent transport system built with high and new technologies and a new pattern of complementary advantage, cooperative R&D and collaborative innovation will drive deep integration of information and communication technology and railway business and bring the intelligent railway construction of China Railway Xi’an Group Co., Ltd. to a new high.

  China Railway Xi’an Group Co., Ltd. launched the strategic plan of intelligent railway in 2015, and innovative practices are made in remote control, mathematical modeling, automatic driving, collaborative office and other fields, ensuring safe and efficient transport. During the first four months this year, total 36,629,000 passengers and 535,710 million tons of goods were delivered safely, a year-on-year increase of 24.7and 15.8respectively. Huawei provided technical supports for the activities of China Railway Xi’an Group Co., Ltd., e.g. innovator competition, new technology application and network integration.

  In the light of general deployment of China Railway to accelerate the development of information technology, China Railway Xi’an Group Co., Ltd. organized technical visits for the leadership and administrative personnel to Huawei Xi’an Research Institute and Global Technical Service Center and Innovation Open Laboratory. Exchanges were made on the implementation of strategic planning and solution of smart railway.

  China Railway Xi’an Group Co., Ltd. will strengthen cooperation with Huawei by replying on the joint innovation center to make collaborative innovations across the board including system, mechanism, technology, management and culture, to build intelligent railway consisting of modern infrastructure, smart transport, sophisticated safety management, market-oriented service, scientific operation management and mass innovation, providing intelligent service for the clients, smart decision-making for the management level and smart guiding for the employees.

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