Highway-railway Combined Transport Service Launched in Heilongjiang Province to Solve ‘Last Mile Transport Problem’


  Two months ago, the first trackless station in Heilongjiang Province was put into operation in Gannan County. The station enables local citizens to buy highway tickets and railway tickets at the same window. Furthermore, it provides shuttle buses carrying passengers to and from train stations. By November 17th, the trackless station had already delivered more than 40,000 passengers.

  On the afternoon of November 17th, a meeting was held in the city of Qiqihar to push ahead with highway-railway combined transport service and trackless station construction in Heilongjiang Province. By the end of 2017, trackless stations will be operated in 48 cities, counties and villages in the Province, solving the ‘Last Mile Problem’ for people in remote and poverty-stricken areas. It’s a helpful service with the potential to benefit over one million people.

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