Express Trains Operated in Opposite Directions along China-Singapore Southward Corridor Twice a Week


  The operation of sea-rail combined transport service along the China-Singapore interoperated southward corridor was started at the end of September. Since then, five trains have already arrived at the coastal station of Qinzhou Port, Guangxi Province while another five trains have departed from the station. Express trains began to be operated in opposite directions along the China-Singapore Southward Corridor twice a week.

  Along the southward corridor, the transport is first carried out by trains which departs         from Chongqing Railway Port and run southward to the Beibu Gulf in Guangxi, where the means of sea-rail combined transport is then adopted to get to regions like Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa. Compared with the traditional sea-river combined transport route to Singapore by way of Yangtze River via the city of Shanghai, this southward corridor dramatically shortens both distance and time.

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