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Dream Realized in Beautiful China: A Tribute to Fuxing


■Yuan Yinqiu

In this poetic spring

Another child was added

To the family of Fuxing EMU Train series

Birds use their pure golden voices to sing a song that they’ve prepared the whole winter

The flowers wave their arms as their greetings to the new member

The land, showered by light rains, prepare the freshness it needs

Laborers sweat to build for it the ladders to a new journey

A trip on it

Is like a documentary on TV

The camera of the live broadcast

Aims at the beauty of China

Passengers’ smiles are painted on the wall

Praising voices fill the carriage

It is a flying machine on land

A time shuttle

It is north China outside in the morning

And it is southern scenery in the evening

Two strings are being used to play an amazing tune

China’s high speed railway

Is like magical pen

Railway guardians are like world renowned painter

Waving silver pens

To paint the splendid eastern beauty

The green waters, villages and mountains

The blue sky that is earned through hard work

And the social reform of urban-rural integration

It runs into a tunnel

Like a galloping horse

It runs on a bridge

Like a flying dragon

From the bridge to the brim of the sky

A super lightning it is.

China’s HSR

Has become a celebrity online

Receiving thumbs up

One after another

Countless magical pens

Running day and night, through rain and snow

On the brand new painting board of the new era

Painting the Chinese dream in the hearts of 1.3bn people

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