CR Culture

An Appointment to Visit Beijing-Zhangjiakou HSR


By Lan Ye


  My friend and I have long been dreaming of visiting Northern China

  Enjoy the scenery of Great Wall in the snow

  White snow overwhelms vast stretch of land

  Dressing up Northern China like the Snow White

  Night sky in the summer

  Looks clean and lucid

  It makes me fall in love with trees and grasses around

  Colorful landscape in autumn

  Changes the color of my heart

  Sometimes red maple leaves while sometimes blue sky

  We have already missed something

  We missed Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway in Zhan Tianyou’s era

  Yet we are fortunate to witness Beijing-Zhangjiakou HSR

  It demonstrates the China speed

  The flowers of the season

  Will blossom and dance in jubilation

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