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Genmenshan Station of Hangzhou: A Gorgeous Turn of the Century-old Station


  Old Genmenshan switchyard

  The EMUs are ready to depart in Genmenshan EMU workshop


  At 21:00 on August 2nd, 2016, as a train departed from Hangzhou Genmenshan station with a long ring, the over one- century-old freight station had accomplished its historic mission. Nowadays, it becomes Genmenshan EMU workshop which is the base guaranteeing for high-speed railway EMU trains of Hangzhou hub.

  On August 23rd, 1907, Jiangshu railway, the first railway of Zhejiang along which there were four stations including Gongchen station, Genmenshan station, Qingtai station and Zhakou station, was put into operation. Genmenshan station had started its century-old operation since then. Genmenshan station became a comprehensive station integrated freight and passenger transport as well as the oldest railway station in Zhejiang Province when Shanghai-Hangzhou railway which started from Genmenshan to Hangzhou via Fengjing was put into operation in 1909.

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