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Century-old Miaotaizi Station Lives in Obscurity


The Old Yard of Miaotaizi Station

Century-old Icehouse Dating Back to Chinese Eastern Railway Period


  Being small and barely known, the Miaotaizi Station lies on Bingzhou Line which is managed by Harbin Railway Administration. At present, no passenger or goods service is available here.

  Under an elm tree and covered with branches, a dilapidated building is on the brink of collapse. This is the very place we would like to visit, a century-old icehouse which is an architectural complex of Chinese Eastern Railway in Miaotaizi. According to archeologists, the construction of this icehouse began in 1901. Its main structure has been well preserved over the century.

  There were no refrigerators or freezers during the age of Chinese Eastern Railway. The icehouse served as an equivalent, storing life necessities in spring and summer every year. As the Russians left China in 1935, a maintenance worker named Liu Tang took over the icehouse. In 1957, it was renovated and rebuilt into employee’s house, and became home to three employees successively. It was not until 1970 that the station was transformed into a warehouse and the last family moved out.

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