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An Encounter with Tonghe Tower in Jinan


  Behind the gingko forest on the left gate of Jinan Locomotive Depot, the Tonghe Tower stands aloft, displaying a distinct German architectural style.

  As a century-old architecture and precious cultural relic, the Tonghe Tower is not only a delicate industrial heritage and scenery but also the witness of Jinan’s history of station opening and train operation, just as employees of Jinan Locomotive Depot put it.

  Being about 40 meters high, the Tonghe Tower covers a construction area of 200 square meters. The construction began in 1910, when the tower first served as the industrial water tower belonging to Jinan Locomotive Depot. Designed by German engineer Simamen and built by engineer Hamann, the main function of the tower was steam locomotive watering.

  For more than 100 years, the Tonghe Tower has experienced German occupation, warlord melee, Japanese invasion and national government. It reunited with the Chinese people after the establishment of New China. When you look up at the Tonghe Tower with century-old history, the echoes seem to be reverberating around, confiding those vicissitudes and legends.

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